A warranty can provide important peace of mind for vehicle owners by covering the cost of the maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle on the road. At M5 Motors we can help provide a range of comprehensive vehicle warranty options. Please contact us today for more information.

Present-day vehicles represent a high technical standard and offer a maximum in reliability. Nonetheless, costly damage to important and expensive module components can happen to anyone. With the Autoguard service contract, you can play it safe just in case it happens.



3 months warranty with all of our premium cars, please enquire for 6 and 12 months extended warranties.

What is covered?

We have you covered with our all mechanical and electrical component Premium service contract. Also including Roadside Assistance UK recovery, this fully comprehensive cover offers protection for any eventuality.

Parts covered include; engine, electrical system, transmission/drivetrain, braking, steering and fuel systems, suspension and engine cooling systems. Additionally, air conditioning, in-car entertainment, the satellite navigation and driver interface systems, EGR valves, catalytic converter, diesel particulate filters, hybrid batteries and many more important and expensive components.*

If during the period of your service contract your vehicle suffers a sudden and unexpected mechanical breakdown within the territorial limits of the service contract, we will cover the cost of the parts listed and the associated labour, up to the repair request limit specified on the agreement form, but subject to any lower limits applicable to a particular part. Repair requests must be made in accordance with the repair request procedures, terms and conditions, described in the service contract.  

At a glance…

  • All mechanical and electrical cover
  • Full UK Roadside Assistance recovery including homestart, misfuelling and key protection
  • In-car entertainment cover, up to 50% of your specified claim limit, to a maximum of £500
  • Satellite navigation systems, up to 50% of your specified claim limit, to a maximum of £500
  • Hybrid battery cover, up to 50% of your specified claim limit, to a maximum of £1000
  • Driver interface systems, up to 50% of your specified claim limit, to a maximum of £1000
  • Diagnostics contribution up to £100 inc VAT
  • Wheel bearing, intake manifold and coil spring cover on vehicles up to 6 years old, or 70,000 miles, whichever occurs first
  • Catalytic converter, diesel particulate filters and EGR valves covered for mechanical failure
  • 6, 12, 24 and 36 month options available
  • Unlimited mileage once cover has started
  • Unlimited number of claims to the aggregate value of the vehicle
  • Transferable to a new owner, if sold privately

* Please see service contract booklet for more details and to see the full terms and conditions.

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